Dear Heavenly Father,

As your children our hearts break today for our Country. We grieve over the tragic death of George Floyd & the great pain his family has endured. We love all people no matter the color of their skin, because all people matter to God & were created to be your image bearers in this world.

We are also saddened by the horrific scenes of looting & rioting visited upon our Land by Lawbreakers who have no regard for the welfare of others. May you give our Leaders wisdom in stopping this violence & protect all our Law Enforcement Officer’s on the frontlines.

As Christians we pray for broken hearts over the condition of America because, as we are told in Psalm 51, “A broken & Contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” May your tender Love & Mercy heal those who hurt & restore Joy to our hearts once again. Please hear our cry & heal our Land!

In Jesus Name Amen.

My Friends, let’s Pray for America today!

Pastor Dave Buckley