Bill & Tamra Branks

Church-planting, Detroit
Pray for a place to meet. Pray for growth in numbers of Bible study. Pray for finances/support.

Ted & Kay Cripe

Retired, New Zealand
Pray for the work in Turangi. Pray for Nate and Susan as they begin their ministry in Antigua. Pray for health.

JD & Kim Crowley

JD’s commentary on Romans for South Asia is being translated into three more languages. Pray they would be able to raise $5,000 more for these three projects.

Frank & Betty Davis

Retired, Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Pray for the ministry in Zimbabwe. Pray for health concerns.

Pink & Selena Davis

New Zealand
Pray for Selena’s health. Pray for Community Baptist Church. Pray for Selena as she begins homeschooling the girls.

Jim & Marge Finnamore

Retired, New Tribes Mission
Pray for ministry in a nursing home each Tuesday. Pray for Jim as he teaches a Sunday School class.

Rose Harrison

Kentucky Mountain Mission
Pray for more contacts with churches. Pray for finances for the Recreation Center.

Henry & Cathy Heijermanns

Retired, Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Pray for their son, Rob. His wife went home to be with the Lord. Pray for the ministry with Calvary Homes. Pray for their health.

Gary & Pat Johnson

Pray for upcoming summer mission trip.

Ken & Nancy Kirkland

Praise—new grandbaby! Pray for summer mission teams.

Gary & Ann Layne

Pray for Ann’s health. Pray for computer and phone connections.

Kathleen McNally

Pray for Kathleen as she teaches and ministers to other missionaries. Pray for laborers.

Frank Miller

Pray for the Bible study at the nursing home.

Walt & Linda Robinson

Pray for new contacts. Pray for Walt’s comprehension, reading and speech.

Joe & Kerri Stinson

Pray for remaining support. Pray for Joe, he has been having a Bible study with six exchange students.

Cletis & Tammy Titus

Pray for Bay Life Baptist Church, celebrating its fifth anniversary on April 19. Pray for Tammy’s health.

Curt & Barb Waite

Retired, Antigua
Pray for “Sadia.” Pray for Barb as she has a Bible study in a women’s shelter.

Mike & Melanie Webster

Praise—the Websters sold their home in Québec and are leaving for France April 19. Pray for final details.

Sam & Ruth Ann Wegner

Retired, Biblical Ministries Worldwide

John & Annette Wickline

Pray for the Bible Institute and their church. Pray for various contacts we make through church, Annette’s job, and day-to-day activities.