Missions Conference 2017

March for Missions continues at CLBC this weekend.

**Today at 5:00 PM – Leadership Dinner for Missions Committee members & Deacons & Wives with Ken & Nancy Kirkland & Bill & Tamra Branks in Fellowship Hall.

** Sunday – The Kirklands (Antiqua) & Branks (Church Planting – Detroit) will be participating in each of the Services at 9:00 AM, 10:15 AM & 6:00 PM.

**Sun Noon – The Histimers will be hosting a Potluck Lunch for our Missionaries

**Sun 7:15 PM – Meet & Greet with our Missionaries

**Mon 11:00 AM – Ladies Luncheon with Nancy Kirkland & Tamra Branks at Jeanne Clarks house.

Don’t miss a single part of March 4 Missions this weekend!


Bow the Knee – Bless the Nations