2017 Theme

This past Sunday morning we presented our theme for the new year – BOW THE KNEE in 2017! What an incredible thought – Our God is Sovereign & we are His Subjects! In this new year let us BOW THE KNEE humbly,reverently, obediently. faithfully & prayerfully. Let us lift our eyes toward Heaven & believe the One who holds eternity. God Blesses when His people Bow!


This Week

Tomorrow evening Awana & Youth Group will meet at 6:45 PM & Adults will meet in the auditorium at 7:00 PM.On Sunday, Jan 22nd we will have a Baptism as part of the Morning Worship Service at 10:15.

Friday at 6:00 PM – Histimers soup & movie night at the Church. (God is not dead – part 2)


Upcoming Events

**Wed, Jan 25th – New series entitled: “How Great is our God”  (the study of the attributes & character of God)

**Tues, Jan 31st – Capitol Prayer Tour from 6:30-8:30 PM.

**Mon, Feb 6th – Ladies PM Bible Study begins (Discerning the Voice of God)

**Fri, Feb 10th thru Sun, Feb 12th – Youth Winter Retreat  (Jr/Sr High)


Prayer requests

Pray for Marlin Longenecker who has been admitted to Thomas Hospital with bleeding & fainting concerns.Pray for those in the Prayer Bulletin including Jim Carr (parkinsons & other concerns), Beth Buckley, Ted Cripe & Cathy Heijermans (stroke), Ann Niedlinger & Nancy Young (Health) and the others listed..Pray for our Great Nation & our new President as he takes office this Friday. Pray for Gods Power & Presence & Passion in our Church as we Bow the Knee before our God in this new year.