CLBC needs YOU!

Our 2016 Christmas Offering is underway at CLBC. This offering will go in it’s entirety to Global Missions by helping to keep our support for our missionaries at 100%. This includes folks like our newest missionaries Joe & Kerry Stinson, who are now in Ottawa serving, along with their 4 young children. It also includes Pink & Selena Davis & their children in New Zealand, JD & Kim Crowley & family in Cambodia & about 20 other missionaries around the world. If we are to hit our goal of $20,000 by December 31st we need everyone to get involved. The truth is CLBC NEEDS YOU!!!  We need you to PRAY & GIVE to our 2016 Christmas Offering. Could you come prepared with a special gift this Sunday? God bless you & thank you in advance for your support of CLBC & our missionary family.