Tonight’s Events

AWANA & Youth Group will meet at 6:45 PM. Adults will meet at 7:00 PM. On this Valentines Day our Bible Study together will focus on the “Greatest Love this World has ever known!”


Prayer Needs

Please pray for Edna Monday, Gail Fishers mother, who is in Hubbard Hospice House & very weak. Pray for Richard Guthrie, Rita’s husband, who had a heart cath today. Pray for Darrell Ballard, Linda’s husband, with cancer at Health South in Huntington. Pray for Karen Jenkin’s son, Ken recently diagnosed with cancer. Pray for Ken Mcgrath who recently suffered a nasty fall. Pray for Kathy Ghareeb Scarberry & the twins she is carrying. Also keep in prayer many others that you will find listed in tonight’s Prayer Bulletin.