The Cross Lanes Christian School High School Choir will be singing tomorrow during our Worship Service at 10:15 AM. These Teens, under the direction of Dr Alan French, do an excellent job of ministering thru music.Come & Invite others to join you at Church tomorrow. During the service we will be examining the “Crown of Glory” together. This is the 5th & final crown in our series. There will also be Sun School at 9:00 AM & Evening Service at 6:00 PM. The choir will practice at 4:30 PM.


Get Signed Up

Tomorrow morning will also be the first opportunity to sign up for the EXCHANGE SEMINAR which will be held at CLBC Nov 4-7. Don’t miss this opportunity to get equipped for Biblical & effective relational Evangelism & Discipleship.



Friend Day is Sun, October 22nd. Begin now to pray for Friend Day & to invite your friends to come with you to hear the Gospel.


Prayer Requests

There are so many connected to our Church with special needs. Here are some of the folks listed in our weekly Prayer Bulletin – Beth Buckley (stroke), Jeanne Buckley (broken foot), Jim Carr, Julie Hamilton, Jan Higginbotham,  Ann Neidlinger, Harold Longenecker, Arnold Shamblin, JR Smith (all with serious health concerns), Katie Cobb, Nancy Jobb, Bill Morton, Daniel Mwinzi, Becca Wiebe (all with cancer) and several others listed in the Bulletin. Pray for Friend Day (Oct 22) & the Exchange Seminar (Nov 4-7), Pray for Revival in American.


Bow the Knee in 2017