Opportunities to Worship & Grow

Tomorrow there will be several opportunities to Worship, Grow, Fellowship & Serve at CLBC. Begin the day in Sun School at 9:00 AM. Then Worship the Lord during our 10:15 AM Service. Last week we shared our Theme for the year “Embrace The Cross in 2016.” Tomorrow we will build upon that theme in the morning service with a sermon entitled “Starting strong to finish strong.” You are also invited back at 6:00 PM to view the excellent DVD series “Agents of the Apocalypse” with Dr David Jeremiah. Choir practice will be at 5:00 PM.

Opportunities to Serve

Children’s Church workers are needed on a rotating basis. See Shelly Rawlings if you can help. Also, Jeanne Clark is recovering from surgery & could use help this week. Please see Vicki Webb or Mark Clark .

Opportunities to Pray

Please pray for the following with physical needs: Tamra Branks, Jeanne Clark, Ben Klennert, Joyce Knadler, Wayne Whittington, Becky Rice, Ann Neidlinger, Nancy Young & others on the prayer lists. Pray for God’s power & presence as we gather tomorrow as His Church!

Embrace the Cross in 2016