Sunday’s Offering

This Sunday is the final Sunday in our 2016/2017 Fiscal year. After much Prayer & the generous giving of the Church family at CLBC we are within striking distance of our “AMEN” goal of $250,000 for the year. Would you help us go over the top? Please come prepared this Sunday to give an “OVER THE TOP OFFERING” to the General Fund. If everyone get’s involved we should hit our Goal & Go Over The Top!


Please Bear with Us

The last few weeks we have been having major problems with the phone system at the Church office. We have tried to get it fixed & up & running again, but to no avail. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Hopefully a new system will be in place & up & running by early next week. Thanks for your patience.


Prayer Requests

Please pray for Karen Jenkin’s adult daughter, Julie Hamilton. She lives in Georgia & has been very sick. Pray that the Doctors can properly diagnose her condition & treat her. Pray for the following with health needs: Ashley Barker (Pregnancy issues), Katie Cobb, Bill Martin, Jimmy Landers, Rose Landers & Donna Legg (cancer), Linda Smith, Ann Neidlinger & Nancy Young (health concerns).


Wedding Reception

A Reception for Marie & Eric Shomo will be held tomorrow at 2:00 PM at Cross Lanes Christian School. Marie is the daughter of Pastor Mark & Cheryl Boyd.


Sunday at CLBC

I hope you will join us on Sunday as we Worship, Serve, Fellowship & study the Bible together. After finishing our Summer Series on the 7 Churches of Revelation, we are turning to the book of Acts this Sun morning (10:15) with a follow up message entitled “What a Local Church Should Look Like.”  We will be celebrating Communion together at 6:00 PM. Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowships will meet at 9:00 AM. See you Sunday at CLBC!


Bow the Knee in 2017