March For Missions Continues

JD & Kim Crowley (Cambodia) will be our special guests tomorrow, March 15th, at Cross Lanes Bible Church. JD will be speaking at 9:00 AM, 10:15 AM & 6:00 PM. I am always challenged & blessed by the life & ministry of this outstanding missionary. Also, Joe & Kerri Stinson (Canada) will be taking part in the Evening service. You will not want to miss a single service tomorrow at CLBC!

Next Week

March For Missions will continue with Pink & Selena Davis (New Zealand) & Bill & Tamra Branks next weekend. Men, buy your tickets to the Men’s Breakfast which will be at 8:00 AM next Sat at Golden Corral. Pink & Bill will be speaking in all 3 services next Sunday. Selena & Tamra will be involved in the Ladies brunch a week from Monday.


Continue to pray for our Church & all who are listed in the Bulletin with special prayer needs.

See you tomorrow at CLBC as MARCH FOR MISSIONS continues!!