It is unusual for me to endorse a movie publicly. Even if a film is pretty good & wholesome, to often there is something thrown in that is disappointing to a Christian. That is not the case with the new movie Overcomer. Yesterday Jeanne & I had the privilege to attend a showing of this excellent Christ honoring film. If you are looking for good family entertainment with a strong Biblical message you won’t be disappointed. The Gospel is clearly presented & the Believer is challenged to find his or her identity firmly in Christ. I hope people all over America go & see Overcomer!

Tomorrow at CLBC we will continue our study of Philippians as we finish a message entitled “Me Worry?” So many people today suffer from anxiety & stress. Yet the Bible teaches us how we can exchange worry for peace & contentment. Join us at 10:15 AM for Worship, 9:00 AM for Sunday School & 6:00 PM for Communion. Let’s gather together to Worship our awesome God on His special day!