In Psalm 46:3 we read “even though the waters roar & are troubled….God is our Refuge & Strength!”

Please pray with me today for the good people of Midland, Michigan. Jeanne & I called Midland home for more than 22 years. Our 3 children were born there & I served on the Pastoral staff of Calvary Baptist Church throughout that time. The Midland community is facing severe flooding due to heavy rains & two area Dams breaking yesterday. Thousands of families have been evacuated from their homes & the situation continues to grow more dire. I’m asking our Church family at CLBC to please pray for the safety & protection of our friends & former neighbors in central Michigan during this very difficult time.

Let’s give thanks for a God who is “Our Refuge & Strength…….even when the waters roar & are troubled!”

God bless!

Pastor Dave Buckley