Pray for our World

There are no depths to which the sinful heart of man cannot fall! This truth can be seen in the wicked deeds of terrorists yesterday in Paris. Hundreds of lives were destroyed because of men consumed with propagating their beliefs, not through love, but through hate. Only Christ can change a sinful heart by His Grace. Let’s pray for those who lost loved ones because of the terrorist attack in Paris. Let’s pray for the leaders in France & for leaders around the world, that wisdom & courage would be given to properly fight & destroy these terrorist networks. Let’s pray for God’s protection upon America. Most of all let’s pray that the Gospel would be given free course to change sinful lives from the inside out!

Honoring Veteran’s

Join us tomorrow as we honor all veteran’s during our 10:15 AM Worship Service at CLBC. A special multi-media presentation, patriotic music & preaching from God’s Word will be a part of the service. Sun School will be held at 9:00 PM & our Evening Service will be held at 6:00 PM.

While praying for our world let’s also continue to pray for individuals who are sick or experiencing difficult times. God hears & answers prayer!