I love America! I think it is the greatest nation on earth! Yet, I am very concerned about our country & the spiritual & moral direction we are taking. Tomorrow in our Worship Service at 10:15 AM we will be focusing upon our need to PRAY for our Land & Leaders. Delegate Tim Armstead will be with us to share his testimony & we will be honoring The Lord & our Nation & State during the service. Sun School will be at 9:00 AM & the Evening Service will be at 6:00 PM. Choir & Choir Christmas practice will be held at 7:15 PM.


Please pray for Tim Appleton & his family as he begins Chemo treatments this week for cancer, Eli Klennert, Sue Forsbrey, Ann Neidlinger & others on the Prayer list.

FRIEND DAY is Sunday, October 26th!!! Who have you invited to be your Friend on FRIEND DAY?