Come let us Worship the Lord

This Sunday God’s people will gather together to Worship Christ at Cross Lanes Bible Church. Will you be among them? I certainly hope so! In a day & age of Scriptural compromise CLBC continues to stand firm on God’s Holy Word. This Sunday you have 3 special opportunities to gather around the Bible with God’s people.


**SUNDAY SCHOOL (9:00 AM) – Don’t miss out on the privilege of meeting in small groups to discuss scripture. Whether a young child, teen or adult this is an important time to grow in your walk with Christ. MAKE SUNDAY SCHOOL A PRIORITY!


WORSHIP (10:15 AM) – I CHOOSE JOY is the title of our new preaching series from PHILIPPIANS. This weeks message comes from Ch 1: 3- 8 & is entitled “Gifts of Joy.” Come & Worship the Lord with Joyful hearts as we sing His praise & hear His Word together.


EVENING SERVICE (6:00 PM) – The DVD series entitled “WHEN I DON’T DESIRE GOD: HOW TO FIGHT FOR JOY” by Dr John Piper is incredibly powerful & helpful. Don’t miss our next segment Sunday night.


Gathering together faithfully in God’s House as His Church is not only a good thing to do, but it is Commanded in Scripture for the child of God! Won’t you join us this Sunday as the Lord’s Church gathers here at Cross Lanes Bible Church?


Declare His Glory in 2019