Sunday at CLBC

Tomorrow we will continue our study of The Sermon on the Mount with a message entitled “The School of Prayer.” Join us as we sit at the feet of Jesus & learn about the wonderful opportunity all Believers have to fellowship with Almighty God in Prayer. Their will also be a Baptism as part of the morning service at 10:45 AM. During the Evening Service at 6:00 PM we study the Great Faith chapter of the Bible – Hebrews 11. Choir practice at 4:45 PM. Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowships will be held at 9:00 AM. We will also be participating in the Life Chain to show our support for the Sanctity of Human Life at 2:00 PM.



Pray for all those listed in your Prayer Bulletin. Pray for the Fall elections. Pray for those serving in the Military & as Law Enforcement officers. Pray for FRIEND DAY on Sunday< Oct 23rd.


Embrace the Cross in 2016