This Sunday will give us a wonderful opportunity to Worship the Lord….Serve the Flock….and Give at Cross Lanes Bible Church. During the Morning & Evening Services Rev Dick Corbin of the Union Mission will be preaching in my place. I know you will be blessed by his ministry. Please pray also for me as I have been asked to preach for a special occasion this Sunday out of state. Although I will miss being with all of you I am grateful for the blessing of being involved in this event. I will share more with our Church family when I return.

This Sunday is also the last Sunday in our Fiscal year. Please help us end strong by praying about the Offering & coming prepared to give generously to the General Fund. If you would like you may also drop your offering off at the Church office next Monday or Tuesday or give Online at www.crosslanesbible.org. Thank you for supporting CLBC with your Involvement, Prayers & Giving!