For our encouragement from God’s Word today please read 42.

In Psalm 42:5 the Psalmist wrote “Why are you cast down, o my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His presence.”

When the Psalmist said His soul was “cast down” he was admitting that he was deeply discouraged or even depressed. Literally he was saying that the stresses of life were “pressing down upon him.” His remedy? Find hope in the Lord! Praise Him for His constant presence & help.

The ordeal that each of us are facing right now can weigh heavily on our hearts & minds. Social distancing…..Stay at home orders…..Limited contact with family & friends takes it’s toll on our spirits. To get victory over discouragement we must be intentional about seeking the Lord’s help. He wants to meet with you today . Take time to read the Bible & to cry out to Him in Prayer. Find hope in Christ today!

APPLICATION: How has God spoken to you through His Word today? How will you apply these truths to your life?

I hope this devotional has blessed your life. If you have a special prayer request please call me at (304) 776-1619.

Have a “Hope Filled” day!

Pastor Dave Buckley