For our encouragement from God’s Word today please read Psalm 23.

Perhaps the most beloved Psalm of all is the 23rd Psalm. In this beautiful musical score King David sings of the Shepherd & His Sheep. He points out that the Lord is a PERSONAL SHEPHERD (v1)……..a PROVIDING SHEPHERD (vs 1-3)……..a PROTECTING SHEPHERD (v4)………and a PRESERVING SHEPHERD (vs 5 & 6). Today let’s give praise to our Good Shepherd that during even the bleakest days “He Leads us besides Still Waters……Restores our Souls…..and Leads us in Paths of Righteousness.” What a wonderful relationship we enjoy as Sheep with our Shepherd!

APPLICATION: How has God spoken to you through His Word today? How will you apply these truths to your life?

I hope this devotional has blessed your life. If you have a special prayer request please call me at (304) 776-1619.

Have a Blessed day!

Pastor Dave Buckley