For our encouragement from God’s Word today please read Matthew 5.

In this section of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount we are reminded of the Believers # 1 job in this world – to be Salt & Light! As our Culture grows darker & darker it is imperative that we grow Saltier & Brighter. To many Christians hide their lights. Instead we should be unashamed to shine the Light of the Glorious Gospel brightly each & every day. As we begin to get out & about more may we seek to share the Love of Jesus through our life & lips. SHINE JESUS SHINE……through me today!!

APPLICATION: How has God spoken to you through His Word today? How will you apply these truths to your life?

I hope this devotional has blessed your life. If you have a special prayer request please call me at (304) 776-1619.

Shine your Light brightly today!

Pastor Dave Buckley