For our encouragement from God’s Word today please read Psalm 119: 9-11.

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. It also focuses almost entirely upon the Word of God. A strong emphasis on Scripture is sorely lacking in most Churches today. That is sad! I am so thankful for the Bible. This book is not man’s book – but God’s book. It has been “Breathed Out” by the Holy Spirit & is perfect, eternal & true. The Bible is to be revered above all other books ever written. It is the one book that truly has the power to change lives. May we love & live God’s Word today. May we read & heed it’s commands. May the Bible be precious to each of us who claim the name of Christ!

APPLICATION: How has God spoken to you through His Word today? How will you apply these truths to your life?

I hope this devotional has blessed your life. If you have a special prayer request please call me at (304) 776-1619.

Have a “Word Filled” day!

Pastor Dave Buckley