I love our Flock at Cross Lanes Bible Church! I hurt for our Flock as we face theses uncertain times. I am also excited for our Flock as we learn to lean on the Lord like never before as we trust totally on Him.

Our Theme for the year at CLBC is “CHERISH GOD’S WORD IN 2020. “Little did we know back in January how important it would be to be tuned into the Bible this year. The Coronavirus wasn’t even on our radar. We never even considered that we may need to cancel Church Services & Ministries due to this Pandemic. Yet it is CHERISHING GOD’S WORD that will help us conquer our fears & find Peace in an uncertain time.

Our Theme verse for 2020 is Colossians 3:16 – “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you Richly……..” What a wonderful opportunity we have right now to spend extra time with God in His Word! There’s no Sports being played, schools & businesses have shut down, there’s nothing on TV but Doom & Gloom. WHY NOT PICK UP YOUR BIBLE RIGHT NOW & READ IT??? Let me tell you, the Word of God will encourage you & bless you like nothing else right now. Praise the Lord for His wonderful book!

In order to help us all really focus in on the Bible I am planning to send out a brief devotional beginning tomorrow on this BLOG. I trust it will be a blessing to you & also a way for us to connect spiritually during these days of “Social Distancing.” I love you & I am here for you! If you need me text or call at (304) 552-5041.

Pastor Dave Buckley