This Sunday morning we will continue our study of the “Epistle of Joy” as we focus upon Philippians 2: 12-16 with a message entitled “Working it Out!” What does the Bible mean when it says “Work out your own Salvation” in verse 12 & then immediately tells us “It is God who works in you” in verse 13? Join us as we dig into God’s Word together & worship the Lord in song. During the Evening Service at 6:00 we will try to answer the question “How can we prepare for the return of Christ?” As Christians the we should constantly be thinking about & preparing for the imminent return of the Lord. Sunday School will be held for the entire family at 9:00 AM & Choir practice at 4:45 PM. Please continue to pray for those listed in the Prayer Bulletin, especially Rob Walker who will have cancer surgery on May 3rd in Columbus, Ohio.